Act now to Restore Home Equity

Why pay for storage fees every month? A Storage Unit of 12' by 30' which is 360 SQFT cost around $210.00 per month. You can build a 20' by 20' Garage which is 400 SQFT for around $200.00 per month and it is yours. Instead of throwing your money away, increase the equity in your home.

Storage Rental Cost

Convenience of Storage

Add Equity to your Home

The cost to maintain a storage unit can add up and once you pay it you never get it back. Some pay up to $2400.00 per year and it is just money down the drain. We have solutions for you to put some of that hard earned money back into your pocket. We have prepared some charts for you to compare. You can click on the comparison page or click below. Storage Untis Cost read more

Think about all the time and gas it takes to get to the storage unit. Why not have storage at your own place? Storage units are usually long and narrow making it difficult to get to the back and find things. Unless you frequently visit the storage unit it is hard to know where everything is. If you had this space at home it would be more convenient to organize it and use.

We are in difficult economic times, we have seen home values dropped drastically. Most of our wealth comes from equity of our homes. We need to be innovative and come up with new ideas to protect our life time investments. It is in times like these that we need think smarter and not be so wasteful. We are coming up with ways to help homeowners re secure what they have worked for all their lives.